Play blackjack and win extra chipsThere are various table manners that Players should consider adopting if they would like to become Blackjack players. It’s recommended for the game to be played correctly, so that players don’t upset the dealer, the other players, or even discredit themselves.

The first thing to remember if you would like to play Blackjack appropriately is to keep your hand as far away from the chips after you have placed your bet. This is important because if you touch your chips by accident, it could look as though you’re trying to pinch a few extra chips. Always make sure you’re movements over the Blackjack table are nippy and precise so that there is no confusion.

Lucky Red Casino get 400% mat up to $4000 Welcome OfferIn any circumstance where you decide to Double Down, always remember that you should never place the extra chips on top of your previous bet, as this will confuse the dealer and other players. Instead, place the extra chips you are using to Double Down, next to your previous bet so that a distinction can be made between the two.

More about blackjack etiquette at blackjackarea.netTime is money. Pay careful attention to everything that is going on at the table and make sure you know when it is your turn to place a bet and/or make a move. There is nothing worse than a player who is idly tagging along. The dealer will deal and take whatever you’ve put on the table as a sign that that’s your next bet to keep the game flowing, so don’t get distracted by goings-on around you and make sure you pay attention to what’s happening at the Blackjack table at all times.

Vegas Red 100% secure 24/7 customer supportThere are also various hand signals that players should learn that indicate what your next move is to the dealer. The two most important hand signals are:

  • Hit me: When you would like another card, say “Hit me” and sweeping or brushing movement with your hands behind your cards.
  • Stay/Stand: Wave your hand over your cards as if you’re saying no thanks – your hand will wave horizontally from right to left or left to right.