Blackjack which is best known as twenty-one is one of the most played casino game in the world. With the advent of the internet, the game has successful moved online with online blackjack being one of the most played casino games at online casinos and with smartphones dominating our lives – playing online blackjack on the go has never been more exciting.

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So why blackjack? Who are the twenty-one players and what is their “claim to fame?” Well we love casino games and not just playing these games, but actually winning and winning big! Our site consists of the following blackjack mavens:

2 guys and a gilr-meet them here at

  • Tom – I’m the laid back player, even when I’m losing I never lose my cool – always remain calm at all times. So my love started way back when I was small, I’d watch my grandfather and dad battle it out on the kitchen table. My dad seldom won but when he did, boy did he celebrate. My grandfather was always calm and I guess I respected that hence my approach.
  • Victor – I’m the direct opposite, I get too excited when I think that I’m about to beat the dealer hence I sometimes lose or call it way too quickly. My love started in high school, that place had to teach me something right?
  • Jess – I’m the girl in the group and the only female – girls do run the world. Best friends with both these men, I’ve learned a lot. I’m the balance and I never show my cards no matter what, as they say a women’s heart is an ocean of secrets and I always hold my cards close to my heart.

Because we know that as human beings we’re more visual beings, we’ve included informative blackjack videos which simply explain the process in the easiest way. We’ve also included a how to play blackjack because the basics are quite important